Our Response

  Attacks on the Save The Alamo Campaign   Three public hearings concerning the REIMAGINE THE ALAMO Master Plan were held (only in San Antonio) back in the spring, which they entitled “The Big Reveal.” These hearings were actually dog-and-pony shows held after everything apparently had already been decided by the planners. Now that word about the contents of this plan is spreading statewide, Bush and his mouthpiece, Becky Dinnin, are trying to change their tune. We are now being informed that the infamous glass walls are “tabled” for now. This term is often used in political double-speak as a stalling tactic. The dictionary gives its actual meaning: “postponed or put aside for consideration at a later date.” This word does not mean “eliminated,” “removed,” or permanently taken out of the plan. So we should have absolutely no faith that the glass walls are in fact gone, nor any other of their sleight-of-hand claims about any other element of the plan. After dismissively referring to our factual statements as “false and inflammatory,” each time Ms. Dinnin then recites her long litany about how the Alamo Church walls are in need of repair, the condition of the Church roof, and ends up with how much they love the defenders and respect the Alamo—all points that everybody agrees on and points not in contention here. The horrendous specific elements of the plan are not refuted because they cannot be refuted. George P. Bush has taken what could have been a great project for the Alamo and turned it into a politically correct disaster. Commissioner Bush has amply proven that he cannot and must not be trusted with the Alamo.